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Keeping Your Driveway Looking Beautiful

Block paving driveways are a popular choice for homeowners in Essex. This is down to their durability, versatility, and visual appeal. However, to ensure that your block paving driveway remains as strong and attractive as when it was first installed, regular maintenance is crucial. That’s where we come in! Not only are we a leading installer of block paving in Essex, but we also provide maintenance advice and repair services to help you retain the beauty of your investment. Here are some of our essential maintenance tips for block paving.

Regular Cleaning

One of the most important aspects of block paving maintenance is regular cleaning. Over time, dirt, moss, and other debris can accumulate on the surface of your drive, making it appear dull. To keep it looking great, consider these cleaning tips:

  • Use a pressure washer: A pressure washer can remove dirt and grime from the surface of your block paving in no time at all. Just make sure to use the appropriate pressure setting to avoid damaging the blocks.
  • Sweep regularly: Sweeping your driveway with a stiff broom will help to prevent the buildup of dirt and debris. Doing this on a weekly basis can go a long way in maintaining its appearance, and it’s an easy job to keep on top of.
  • Apply weed killer: Use a weed killer to prevent weeds from taking root in the gaps between the blocks. This Is most effective when the weeds are actively growing, which is usually between April and September.

Repairs and Resealing

Over time, your block paving driveway could develop minor cracks or loose blocks. We can carry out a range of repairs, ensuring that your driveway remains structurally sound and visually appealing. Additionally, you should consider replacing your block paving every few years to enhance its colour. This will also protect it from stains, oil and fuel spills, and the effects of weather.

Preventative Measures

Preventing damage is often easier than repairing it. If oil or other stains occur, address them promptly by cleaning and applying a suitable stain remover to prevent any lasting damage. If you do park a car on your drive, keep an eye out to ensure that it isn’t causing damage – and if it has, get in touch with our team right away!


The sand between the paving blocks on your drive plays a crucial role in maintaining their stability. Over time, this sand can erode or become dislodged, leading to an uneven surface. Essex Landscape Brothers can assist with the re-sanding process, ensuring that the blocks are properly supported and that your driveway remains level.

We’re Here to Help

A well-maintained block-paved driveway can really enhance the appearance and value of your property in Essex. By following our maintenance tips and relying on the expertise of our team if any problems develop, you can keep your driveway looking as great as the day it was installed. So get in touch today!

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