Artificial Grass Essex

Artificial grass has grown in popularity, with many people preferring it to real grass due to its durable nature and aesthetic appeal. At Essex Landscape Brothers, we’re one of the leading artificial grass suppliers in Essex, with our team installing high-quality synthetic turf in gardens throughout the region. Working with both domestic and commercial clients, we’re committed to delivering a first-class service every time.

A perfect lawn all year round

When you choose artificial grass from Essex Landscape Brothers, you can benefit from a perfect lawn all year round. Artificial turf has become increasingly realistic over the years, often looking nearly identical to the real thing. As well as having the colouring and shape of genuine grass blades, it gives a similar sensation underfoot. However, whilst it looks and feels like real grass, it has the advantage of being far easier to maintain.

Artificial grass stays looking pristine throughout the seasons, even after periods of bad weather. When you choose an artificial grass lawn from the Essex Landscape Brothers, you can enjoy a beautiful, realistic and immaculate lawn at any time of the year. You’ll no longer to need to mow your lawn every weekend, apply costly grass treatments, or deal with constant weeding it keep it looking its best.

A fit-and-forget product, it requires minimal maintenance to keep it in optimal condition over the years. Our artificial grass appeals to many types of people, including those with busy lifestyles, and the elderly who may be unable to physically maintain real grass in their gardens. It’s also ideal for lawns that receive continual use from children and pets.

Fully trained artificial grass installers

At The Essex Landscape Brothers, our team are fully trained in all aspects of artificial grass installation. We can handle all phases of the process, including ensuring that the ground beneath the grass’ surface is prepared with sufficient drainage and provides a firm and secure base for optimum quality.

Since we don’t cut corners or rush our work, you can feel confident that your new artificial turf will be installed to the highest possible standards. We have a fantastic reputation throughout the region, with more and more people coming to The Essex Landscape Brothers when they require artificial grass for their gardens or grounds.

Artificial grass for various applications

Our artificial grass is suitable for a wide range of applications. As well as being perfect for residential gardens, it’s also well-suited to balconies and rooftop gardens that require brightening up. Educational establishments such as schools and nurseries can also benefit from artificial grass since it’s very hardwearing and can withstand hundreds of little feet running across it.


Unlike real grass which can quickly develop bare patches or become muddy after periods of heavy rain, artificial grass will stay it great shape over time. Our artificial grass is frequently installed in commercial premises, including hotels, amusement parks, car showrooms, and even offices throughout the region.

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