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Turfing your garden will provide you with an attractive lawn to enjoy and admire all year round. At Essex Landscape Brothers, we are one of the leading garden turf suppliers in Essex. Our team can install a range of top quality turf products to meet your needs and preferences. We can offer you expert advice on choosing the right turf, ensuring that it doesn’t just suit your lifestyle, but thrives in your garden for many years to come.

The number one Essex turf layers

Essex Landscape Brothers have been laying garden turf in Essex for several years, so you can rest assured that we have the skill, knowledge, and expertise needed to provide a first-rate service. Having turf laid is a convenient and fast way to achieve a beautiful new lawn. However, as experienced turf installers, we know that just laying down the turf is not enough to ensure that it thrives in your garden long-term.

Carrying out ground preparation before laying new turf is essential. We can get the soil ready for your turf, creating a level and firm ground surface for your new lawn to sit on. We will also clear away any plants, weeds, and debris from the area. When it comes to disposing of your old lawn, we may be able to compost it down or take it to your local green waste centre.

Caring for your new lawn

Ongoing maintenance is vital for keeping your new lawn looking its best. In dry weather, regular watering may be required to keep the new turf moist. During mid to late summer, water it every other day. At other times of the year, you should only water it during dry spells. Over-watering your new lawn can cause problems, potentially leading to shallow rooting the lawn. Weed grass could result too, impacting its appearance.

When it comes to mowing a new lawn, do so with the blades set high. Set the lawnmower on its highest setting, just nipping off the top of the grass blades. At Essex Landscape Brothers, we can offer regular maintenance to ensure that your lawn stays looking just as good as when it was first laid. From removing weeds and feeding and watering your lawn to carrying out mowing and edging, we can assist. We can provide a full lawn maintenance service.

We supply, deliver and lay high-quality garden turf in Essex all year round. Whilst turf is usually best laid in mid-autumn, it can be laid during the winter months, as long as the soil is not too wet or frosty. In the Spring and Autumn seasons, little mowing is required, which means the turf can be left undisturbed for a number of weeks.

A beautiful new turfed lawn can enhance your garden in so many ways, so why not get in touch with the leading garden turf suppliers in Essex today? We can offer you expert advice on laying turf in your garden, helping you to choose the right turf product to meet your needs.

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